Cosa Nostra Online Slot Rating and Review

Cosa Nostra Online Slot Rating and Review

If your typical nine-to-five job isn’t bringing in the additional cash you need, the new Cosa Nostra slot machine could be the perfect opportunity for you to supplement your income by working for the mafia. The Cosa Nostra slot game by Fugaso is a video slot game with 20 paylines that is inspired by classic films about organized crime. The game offers exactly the correct bonuses to give your playing budget a good boost. Cosa Nostra is a slot machine that is not only able to pay three progressive jackpot prizes when played for real money at our top-ranked online casinos, but it is also a slot machine that is capable of providing you with some top-notch entertainment. The game is loosely inspired by the Godfather films.

In addition to its jackpots, the Cosa Nostra slot machine has a number of alluring extras, such as free spins games and expanding wilds, and it offers rewards of up to 1,000 times the amount wagered for a single combination. And since the slot was built using HTML5, any of these rewards are potentially winnable on whatever device you choose to play it on, regardless of where you happen to be in the world.

A guide to playing the slot machine game Cosa Nostra online

Even if you have never played an online slot machine before, you won’t have any trouble learning how to play the Cosa Nostra slot machine. To get started, choose the number of active paylines that you wish to use to begin (pay for). While you play with just one payline, the least wager you may put is 0.02 credits, which is also the lowest possible stake when playing with multiple paylines. You may utilize the buttons on the screen to activate up to 20 paylines, and you can make a line wager of up to 5 credits, for a maximum total stake of up to 100 credits every round. This will give you higher chances of winning the jackpot.

Playing the Cosa Nostra slot machine at one of the finest mobile casinos is made extra simpler when you switch to a mobile device. This particular online slot game is compatible with mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Windows, and it may function faultlessly even on older mobile devices. To get started, you have to turn your phone so that it is in landscape mode first, and then you have to press the screen to load the slot. As soon as it loads, you may begin playing right away with the bet level that is set by default, or you can adjust the amount of your stake by accessing the secret menu in the bottom right corner of your screen.

After determining an appropriate wager, all you need to do to start your session is push the spin button. When you acquire a combination of three, four, or five matching symbols on an active payline, starting with the first reel on the left, the slot machine will award you a payout. During a single spin, it is possible to collect a total of 10 basic symbols, each of which may provide a payout that ranges from ten to eight hundred times the amount you wagered on that payline. The unusual scatter and wild symbols not only perform additional bonus functions but also pay out higher winnings, as will be discussed in more detail later down the page. No matter where it appears on the screen or how many paylines are active, the scatter symbol in this specific slot game has the potential to provide rewards worth up to 4,000 times the wager. When playing for real money, you have the chance to win a jackpot that is up to 80,000 times your line wager if you are fortunate enough to have these symbols appear in all locations on the reels.

Features of the Cosa Nostra Slot, as well as Free Spin Bonuses

The bonus features in Cosa Nostra provide you with additional opportunities to earn extra cash while you are playing with real money. The wild symbols are the first of the extras, and they are able to stand in for any symbol other than the scatter ones. You also have scatter symbols, which not only have the potential to award cash rewards but also have the potential to activate bonus games with free spins. You will get a bonus of ten free spins from the slot game if three of the scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels during any of the game’s rounds. Free spins may be retriggered during the bonus feature, and during those spins, expanding wild symbols can be used. Expanding wild symbols can span all spots on a reel once they arrive. Free spins are played with expanding wild symbols.

In addition to that, the Cosa Nostra slot machine has both a progressive jackpot and a function that allows players to wager. Each of the three tiers of prizes that make up the progressive jackpot—Mini, Midi, and Maxi—have an equal chance of being won at random on each play. Each of the jackpots is funded by a distinct amount of the money that you wager, and each of them delivers a payout that is more substantial than the one that came before it. When it comes to the gamble feature, you won’t be able to use it until after you’ve collected a payment. You will have the opportunity to estimate the color of the next card that will be pulled by the slot machine, and if you are correct, your payments will be multiplied by two. You will, however, forfeit the reward you initially won if your guess is incorrect. Your money may be doubled a maximum of five times before it is considered exhausted.

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