Netgear Setup Help

Netgear Setup Help

In today’s technically advanced world everybody wants to make online presence and wants to be socially active in order to connect to people overseas. For this purpose you not only need internet connection but also needs to form Local Area Network and for this purpose router is required. Router connects multiple LANs and allows you to communicate between those LANs. Router acts as default gateway because it is located at the edge of your Local Area Network. There are many router vendors available in the market today and Netgear is one of the best available. Netgear is U.S brand which not only manufactures routers but also have its market in other networking devices. It provides inbuilt security features and storage solutions without any additional cost for it.
Apart form being best in its market, it owns huge number of routers and each with wonderful features. There are so many routers available that you could stuck in dilemma and then you might need help of any expert in this domain. Before buying any router you should check its features like bandwidth, frequency, CPU processor, throughput, coverage area/range of that router etc.… Keeping these features in mind, Netgear Nighthawk Pro is best.
Once you have selected router, you need to setup/configure that device in order to make it useful for your personal use. Setup of Netgear Router is very easy and we will guide you step by step for the same. There are 5-6 methods to setup/configure the Netgear Router. We will guide you with each method and for this you just need to follow below mentioned steps

Cable connection with smart wizard interface:

  • Switch off your modem and Netgear Router.
  • Make connections between the modem and Netgear Router using an ethernet cable.
  • Connect Netgear Router’s LAN port and computer’s LAN port using an ethernet cable.
  • Switch on the modem, router and then computer in sequence.
  • Wait for lights on the modem and router to become stable and solid green.
  • Once lights become solid green, a router is ready to use.
  • Open any of the available web browsers on your computer. A browser can be Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and etc…
  • Type and in URL tab. You can also enter Router Login IP over there.
  • You would be redirected to Router Login Page.
  • On that page you would be asked for username and password. Username is admin and Password is password. Remember these credentials are case-sensitive.
  • Click on Advanced tab available in the left on that router’s web management page.
  • Search for Setup wizard over there.
  • Select YES if asked for internet connection. If Netgear router requires to connect to the internet then select ‘YES’
  • For wired connections, the setup wizard detects Dynamic IP.
  • Select on ‘Take me to the internet’. (This step is required to check your internet connection)

Netgear Router setup using Genie interface:

You can set up your router with the NETGEAR genie interface, or you can utilize the genie menus and screens to set up your router physically. Before you begin the setup procedure, get your ISP data and ensure that the PCs and gadgets in the system have the settings portrayed there. When you contact your ISP for internet connection, they provide you with some details such as ISP login username and password, fixed or static IP Address settings. After getting above stated information, you need to follow multiple steps on multiple devices. We have analyzed all of them for you.
Firstly you need to install Genie app on your device i.e Android phone, iPhone, iPad, desktop etc. Once you have installed genie app, you need to use it to configure your router. So let’s start step by step.

  • Install Netgear Genie app on iPhone or iPad using iTunes:
    • Open app store on your iPhone or Ipad.
    • Search for Netgear genie app.
    • Tap on free app button.
    • You need to fill credentials such as Apple-ID and password.
    • It will start the download process.
    • Genie app will automatically reflect on your home screen.
    • Now you can start genie app from there.
  • Install Netgear Genie app on an android device:
    • Open google play store.
    • Search Netgear Genie app
    • Install that app by clicking on the install button.
    • Once download completed, open the app from home screen.
  • Install Netgear Genie app on your desktop:
    • This desktop runs on Windows XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10 and MAC OS 10.6
    • Just search for Netgear genie from google.
    • You would be redirected to Netgear website.
    • You can download this app directly.
    • Once download completed, you can run it as administrator and install it.

Once application download is completed, you can run that app and select settings option and clear the enable AutoStart check box.

Netgear Genie

DSL internet connection setup using smart wizard:

  • Connect your Netgear router to telephone jack using telephone splitter.
  • Connect your telephone to DSL splitter using telephone line only.
  • Make connections between Router and computer using an ethernet cable.
  • Provide supply to Netgear Router.
  • Once connections made and supply provided, wait for lights on the router to turn solid and stable green.
  • Launch any of the browsers available on your computer.
  • Type URL or in URL tab. You can also use Netgear Router Login IP i.e
  • You would be redirected to Router Login Page which asks you for username and password. Username is admin and password is password. (NOTE: These credentials are case-sensitive)
  • You would be prompted to router’s web management page.
  • Search for setup wizard tab in left bar on that page.
  • Select “YES” when asked for auto internet detection.
  • Click Next and wait for few minutes until router search for appropriate internet connection and show you the configurations of your internet.
  • Here comes the internet type:
    • If you are selecting PPPoE, then put username and password provided by ISP.
    • Click “Apply” if using dynamic IP Address.
  • Click Apply to save changes.

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