How do I change the Netgear WiFi router admin password?

Changing the current password of your Netgear WiFi router is not that much of a difficult task if you follow the steps available on our website in a correct step by step manner. Firstly, you need to login into the Netgear WiFi router with your current username and the current password. After performing the login, you need to go to the maintenance menu under which there is an option of set password where you need to enter the old password and the new password respectively. Finally click on the apply button to save the changes that you have made. There is a different method for Netgear genie router interface which is available on our website. If any further assistance is required regarding changing the Netgear router password then you can reach support for Netgear router anytime.

How do I physically connect the Netgear WiFi router?

Physical connection of the router can be done easily if you follow the exact same steps as given in the solution guide on our website. Firstly, you should remove any of the cables which are connecting the modem to the computer. Make sure that the modem is on and is plugged in the power adapter. Plug one end of the ethernet cable to the modem and the other in the ethernet port of the router. Finally connect the Netgear WiFi router to the computer. For any query regarding this connection procedure, you can contact Netgear Customer Support.

What is a router?

Router is a networking device which connects multiple LANs. It is located at the corner of every individual LAN network hence acts as a gateway. Using router, you can communicate round the globe as it allows you to connect to internet. Router sits at L3 of OSI model which collects information of different network using routing protocols such as OSPF, EIGRP, RIP etc… It can provide you wired as well as wireless network at the same time. Wired network delivers higher speed and higher security whereas wireless network provides lower speed and lower security.

What is a Netgear nighthawk app?

Netgear Nighthawk app is remote application which allows user to monitor, setup, configure and troubleshoot Netgear router remotely. It provides flexibility by allowing users to perform all these functions using their mobile device. It is available on multiple platforms such as android, IOS, windows and MAC. You can visit google play store and IOS App store to download mobile app and can visit Netgear nighthawk website to download desktop app. It comes without any extra cost and is very easy to use.

Can we setup Netgear Router using Netgear Nighthawk App?

Yes, we can Setup Netgear Router using Netgear Nighthawk App. Netgear has delivered this wonderful app to allow its users to setup router remotely. You just need to download this app on your mobile device using google play store (for Android platform) and IOS App store (for IOS platform). Once downloaded, you just need to run this app and follow guidelines given by this app on your mobile screen. We have fabricated 700 words blog for this particular topic and you can use it for setting up Netgear Router using Nighthawk App. Link is http://router-setuphelp.com/2018/11/29/how-to-setup-netgear-router-using-netgear-nighthawk-app/

What is WPS?

WPS stand for Wifi Protected Setup which is wireless network security standard that allows you to make secure connection between router and connected devices. WPS makes this connection quick and flexible. WPS requires strong password as a necessary requirement because it is protected with WPA and WPA2 encryption protocols.

Can we change the router admin username?

The default admin username is admin. This remains fix and we cannot modify this value. Netgear Router Setup allows you to change admin password but don’t allow you to change username. You can visit router’s web management page and under administration option you can change admin password but there is no such process for changing username.

What can I do to log into the Netgear Router?

Logging into the Netgear router is not a difficult task. You need to have a computer or a mobile device which should be connected to your router’s network. Then you need to access the www.routerlogin.com website to start up your login process. Afterwards, you can follow the Netgear Router login guide on our website.

What can I do to fix the Netgear router?

Netgear Router is one top-rated router brand but sometimes some small problems can arise while working seamlessly. You can refer to our Netgear router troubleshooting guide which covers all the common errors which can occur in the working of your Netgear router. There are so many solutions available like rebooting the computer, rebooting the router and modem, solutions like contacting your internet service provider and many more.

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